30 Day Challenge


I was so inspired by Marc’s 30 Day Challenge that I wanted to come up with one just for Hooping.  Hooping (when you have the right hoop) is so super easy that when you do a lot of it it stops being as challenging, so its nice to have a 30 day plan not just to improve physical fitness but also to add more variety and motivation to hoop workouts.

I created my own Mary’s 30 Day Hooping Body Challenge as a Google Doc which you can check out here: View my 30 Day Hooping Body Challenge. I recommend saving this as your own Google Doc or Excel file, or printing it out so you can fill in your own progress and cross days out as you go. For guides on the different activities and how to measure yourself please see the drop down menu items.

For the best results I would recommend having a look at what you are eating as well. I don’t eat a lot of meat anyway and have dabbled in being Vegan, so during my 30 days part of my own challenge will be to restrict myself to a Vegan diet. Peoples tastes differ so greatly that I wouldn’t advocate this for everyone, but for me it works. When eating vegan I find that the choices I make are a lot healthier and mealtime is ultimately more delicious because I put a lot more effort into awesome food choices. If you are interested in incorporating Vegan meals into your diet please visit this site for recipes: http://www.vegetarians.co.nz/vegan-recipes/

I am not a medical professional so if you have any health concerns please go have a chat to someone who is a medical professional before starting this, following my guide is done at your own risk and I take no responsibility for any injuries. I really doubt that you can injure yourself by doing this as long as you stay smart – if something hurts, don’t push it, if you can’t handle a certain level activity  yet modify the plan to start slower to suit you.

I am starting this on Monday August 26th. So excited!
<3, Mary


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